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Keep Herrington Lake safe and beautiful by doing your part to prevent pollution!


Bacteria from human and animal waste can cause diarrheal illnesses, rashes and other infectious diseases.   Property owners and boaters have a responsibility to properly dispose of their sewage to keep our lake safe for everyone to enjoy.

Septic Systems

Proper maintenance of your septic system is crucial to the health of Herrington Lake.  Many times people don't realize they have a problem until a release has already occurred.  Following these simple steps can help prevent sewage releases:

  • Inspect your septic system annually and have it pumped out every three years

  • Don't flush chemicals down the drain - they can kill the bacteria needed for the system to work properly

  • Don't flush paper towels, cigarette butts, hygiene products, etc.  They can clog the system.

  • Keep vehicles and heavy equipment off your drain field

Holding Tanks

Herrington Lake is a no-discharge lake.  That means you are required by law to take your untreated septic waste to a pump out station.  Your waste will be transported from the pump out station to where it can be treated on land.  Using a pump out station is a simple and effective way to keep septic pollution out of the lake.  If you have a Type III MSD holding take, you must take your sewage to a pump out station!

Animal Waste

Animal waste is a major source of nutrient pollution in the lake.  Following responsible management practices can minimize this impact:

  • Do not allow animals to graze in or near streams, rivers and lakes

  • Use a runoff control system to divert clean water away from grazing areas and manure piles

  • Use a filter strip or vegetative strip to reduce organic matter in runoff water by as much as 96%



Without an active clean-up effort like the continuing activities conducted routinely by HLCL, it would take a very long time for trash to disappear.  
Here is a list indicating how long trash survives in the lake if we do nothing.The next time you pass by a floating object, take the time to pick it up and dispose of it properly. It could have gotten there innocently. It only takes a few minutes to save years of beauty for you and your family.

  • Paper towels 2-4 weeks

  • Cardboard box 2 months

  • Waxed milk carton 3 months

  • Plywood 1-3 years

  • Painted wood stick 13 years

  • Styrofoam cups and dock floatation material NEVER!!!

  • Aluminum cans 200 years

  • Plastic bottle 450 years

  • Monofilament fishing lines 600 years

  • Glass bottles could be forever

.....and, what about those tires & appliances

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