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1) How do I get involved?

There are several ways for you to get involved! 

  • Join Herrington Lake Conservation League.  Your dues and other financial donations are tax deductible and go directly to pay our cleanup crew.

  • If you have a boat please carry a net. I use a butterfly net. My neighbors got a net from Lowes, intended for cleaning pools, for less than $15.  It has an extension handle and fits in the ski storage compartment on the boat. It works well for small stuff.  With a net on board, if you see something floating in the lake you can pick it up. 

  • If you own a lot, keep your bank free of debris that would float out on the lake when the water comes up.

  • If you own a lot, help organize a neighborhood cleanup.  Let us know if you need help doing this or help getting the debris collected and disposed of? 

  • Have a large tree, piece of Styrofoam, dead dock you need help with, tie it up or secure it if you can and call Angela for pick up or other help!

  • Need help with something too large for you to handle, call Angela and get on our to-do list.

2) Who do I contact to be a part of this?

For help with cleanup activities, contact Angela or any other of our board members.

3) Can I use my boat, or do I meet somewhere to ride with others?   

You can use your boat by being proactive every time you go out.  If you have a pontoon boat it is easy to get to places on the bank that may need some work.

4) Are there different neighborhood involvements?   

Different neighborhoods have different types of banks.  If your neighborhood has a walkable bank, organize a neighborhood cleanup.  HLCL will be glad to help cut up large logs or pick up any large debris that is collected! 

5) Is the cleanup at a certain time?   

We encourage cleanup activities year round. In the beginning we had cleanup days.  But with 325 mile of shoreline that ended up being not that effective, except as a public relations event.  One year we had March Madness and encouraged different portions of the lake to hold clean ups on different weekends.  There is too much March Madness in Kentucky in March so that wasn't that effective.  Should we try something like that in April next year?  Send us your ideas! 

6) If I cannot help, can I donate food, drinks, or money for cleanup operation? 

In my neighborhood, when we have an organized cleanup we try to serve coffee and donuts to start and deliver lunch to the workers.  We also try to supply plenty of drinking water! 

HLCL will be glad to accept your financial support.  If you or your business can provide money or even goods or services that are helpful to our efforts and fundraising events that would be great!  Sponsor a hole at our golf scramble in September! 

7) If I donate, is it Tax Deductible? 

Herrington Lake Conservation League is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Your contributions are tax deductible..

8) Are the clean up efforts centralized, or are there multiple locations that I can go help? 

Did you know that there are 325 miles of shoreline on Herrington Lake?  Neighborhood cleanups can be anywhere. 

9) Where can I find the cleanup dates? 

If you organize a neighborhood cleanup we will be glad to post your information on our website.  If we have a lake wide event we will let you know in the local papers and on our website. 

10) Must I be a HLCL Member, before I can help? 

No.  Anyone can help the mission of Herrington Lake Conservation League, but why not join and help us keep the contract crew working! 

11) If I notice a severe hazard in the water, who should I call?   

Angela Zevely   859-533-1348

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