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Love Your Lake!

10 Ways to Help Keep Herrington Lake Clean

#1 - Pick up trash around the lake. Organize road or neighborhood cleanups.

#2 - Maintain your septic system, including tank pumpouts every 3 to 5 years.

#3 - Protect your shoreline with trees, shrubs and other vegetation.

#4 - Avoid new construction at or near the lakeshore to reduce erosion to lake.

#5 - Create contoured or curving pathways to the lake (rather than straight, downhill pathways).  This reduces stormwwater runoff and erosion.

#6 - Minimize boat wakes and slow down near shore.

#7 - Clear fallen trees (not living trees!) from the banks to prevent them from washing into the lake.

#8 - Don’t flush sewage from boats into the lake.  Use holding tanks and have them pumped out.

#9 – Minimize livestock access to the lake.  Also, clean up after your pets. Livestock manure and pet waste can run off into the lake, adding to nutrient and fecal contamination.

#10 - Report spills or trash dumping to local or state authorities.

Boyle County Solid Waste Department -
(859) 238-1116 or

Garrard/Lincoln County Solid Waste Department—(859)326-1909 or

Mercer County Solid Waste – or (859)734-6310 or

Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection—(502)564-3410 or (502)564-3358 for general
complaints or concerns

Environmental Response Team—(502)564-2380 or 1-800-928-2380 (24 hrs, 7days/week)
for environmental emergencies, such as spills of oil, gas or other substances

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