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2014 Poker Run


Thanks to all our Poker Players

I want to thank all of our poker players for coming out for the first Herrington Lake Conservation League Poker Run.  We feel that it was a great success even though the weather wasn’t perfect.  We sold over 225 hands during the day and this helped us raise over $1000.  Other than a few expenses we have to cover, most all of this money will go toward clean-up of the lake.   I would like to especially thank each of our players who also donated money to the cause.  All of those funds will be used to clean the lake.   Also a big thanks to all of you who bought reverse draw numbers during the Poker Run.  We sold 200 numbers and I think we will be doing this again for future events.  

Our winners were Tommy Jones in first place with a straight flush.  Second was Charles Martin and third was Richard Jones.  These are the folks you want to go to Las Vegas with.  Our reverse draw winner was Beth Finney.  Great playing all of you winners.    For those of you who didn’t win this year; better luck next year.  
And finally I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the Marinas for participating in the Poker Run.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Everyone I talked to told me how much they enjoyed going to all the different marinas and talking to everyone.  I think this event was enjoyed by one and all.  

Frank Graham
President, HLCL


2014 HLCL Town Meeting


The annual town hall meeting was held at Kamp Kennedy Marina on Thursday, April 24.  Frank Graham, President of the HLCL Board, presented on 2013 accomplishments and financials.  Two three man crews worked 24.5 weeks and cleaned up an estimated 450 tons of wood debris from the Lake.  The crew also filled 24 dumpsters, an estimated 910 cubic yards of manmade debris.


Financials for 2013 saw total revenues of $68,154.50.  Membership dues totaled $22,505.  Clean-up expenses totaled $48,675.  Frank issued a reminder that membership forms were sent out with the recent newsletter and so please send your dues in so that we can begin cleaning the lake for this season.


A new clean-up contractor has been hired, Clint Voris.  Clint had worked with previous contractor John Tudor and so is very familiar with the lake and its clean up issues.  If you have large trees, styrofoam, or other debris mass that you need help cleaning up, please contact HLCL Board member, Linda Alexander, ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) to get put on the clean-up schedule.


A reminder that dead docks are the responsibility of the homeowner.  If you wish to sell a dock, local dock maker, Robert Hall, will post an "advertisement" for your dock on a bulletin board in his business.


The meeting was then turned over to Fish and Wildlife (F&W) officers Jason Wells from Mercer County and Josh Robinson from Franklin County.  Officer Wells said that F&W mission is to keep Herrington Lake safe for everyone. They keep a boat at Chimney Rock and one at Gwynn Island.  The Kentucky State Police dispatch F&W and so contact KSP to report any issues at 1-800-25ALERT or 911 in an emergency.  F&W officers are trained in first aid and rescue.


Officer Wells offered the following reminders:
  Operating a boat while intoxicated (above 0.8 limit) and you will go to jail; Drinking in public, even on your private dock, is drinking in public, and is against the law; children under 12 are required to wear a life jacket while on boats, jet skis and tubing; there is no tubing in no wake zones; boaters education is required for those 12-16 to operate jet skis; it is strongly recommended that everyone wear a life jacket while operating any moving vehicle on the lake; all tributaries are no wake zones.

You will see increased F&W presence on the Lake on holiday weekends, during tournaments and other high traffic times.  Officer Wells reminded everyone to use good judgement on the Lake and that will keep everyone safe.


 Frank then continued his presentation with a reminder of the Pump It, Don't Dump It law.  All marinas have pump out ability, please use them.

HLCL will have three fundraisers this year:  the Spring Fling Fish Fry at Sunset Marina on Saturday, May 10 between 1-5PM; the Golf Outing at Peninsula Golf Resort on September 24; and the Pig Roast in October with details to follow.  Funds raised help clean the lake.IMG 4624b

Finally there was a discussion of what YOU can do.  If you are reading this you are interested in keeping the Lake clean.  Organize a neighborhood clean up, if you need help contact HLCL; stack and burn wood piles on your bank but make sure conditions are safe to burn (contact your local fire department) and maintain a controlled burn; Keep a net and garbage bag on your boat and pick up bottles, cans, cups, small stryofoam; and DO NOT LITTER on the lake or the banks.  The less man-made debris we have to clean up, the more we can focus on the debris Mother Nature puts into the lake.




Docks on Lake Herrington

In all three counties there are ordinances for constructing and repairing floating structures on the waters of Herrington Lake.  An ordinance is a law adopted and enforced by a municipality.
These ordinances include materials allowed to be used, the disposal of old materials and building regulations.

A permit is required to construct, improve or make additions to any floating structure on the water and leading to the water. This includes walkways, docks,  floats, decks, floating houses and marinas.  Permit applications are available at the County Judge Executive’s office. The permits are relatively inexpensive and help document your structure and make sure it complies with safety standards.

Any foam that is not factory encapsulated, IS NOT ALLOWED on the water (there may be other options or treatments available and those will be assessed on a case by case basis).   Open foam, steel barrels and plastic barrels are not allowed as floats to support a structure.

Existing docks with these materials are accepted.  If an existing dock currently in the water and made with these materials is moved on the lake, it is acceptable to leave the materials as long as the dock is not removed from the water.  If portions of the dock are to be re-built then those portions must be brought up to the new standard.  This would not include typical maintenance.

Disposal of foam is the owner’s responsibility.  From time to time the Conservation League has lake clean up days and dumpsters are available to dispose of old foam.  Cutting open foam loose in the water is not acceptable.

These ordinances are enforced by the County Building Inspection Program Officials. There are penalties for not complying with these regulations.  Folks who do not wish to comply are reported to the County Attorney and the case is handled through that office and court.   
Birds, turtles and fish mistake the tiny foam nodules for fish eggs. The foam can clog their intestines and cause a variety of problems.  Recently, a land-based turtle rescued in a Florida waterway was unable to submerge due to the amount of Styrofoam trapped in its body, making it permanently buoyant.

Plastic and styrofoam pose an additional threat. They act as a transport medium for toxic chemicals. Many of these pellets contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The chemicals were either absorbed from ambient water or used in the manufacture of plasticizers prior to the 1970s.

The regulations have been adopted to help beautify Lake Herrington and preserve wildlife.  Anyone around the lake is well aware of the amount of floating debris in early spring .  Anything we can do to help clean this environment will help preserve this waterway for the future.

If you enjoy the Lake please do your part to help preserve it.